Prayer on Campuses


In 2005, God spoke to us to “call Campus America to pray” and we have sought out obedience to that call. Since then over 400 campuses have registered a season of prayer. During our 2010 Year of Prayer alone, over 26,000 hours of prayer were logged as students around the nation prayed. Garages were transformed into sacred places.

Tents, dorm rooms, and church basements became holy spaces where students from all denominations and walks of life were welcomed to seek the Lord together. Professors, faculty, students and alumni alike cried out for a new move of God on their campus.

As the 2010 Year of Prayer has come to a close, we’re convinced that the movement of God in this generation is only just beginning. Rise up, Campus America! Now is the time to bow in prayer.


“Prayer itself is an art which only the Holy Ghost can teach us. He is the giver of all prayer. Pray for prayer. Pray till you can pray.” – Charles Spurgeon

It’s that simple. Open the scripture, tune your ear to the Father and let Him teach you how to pray. Better yet – do it with friends. Where two or more are gathered in His name, God will be present. It’s a beautiful thing to set aside a place of rest where students are free to encounter Jesus in the center of our fast-paced university systems.


Have you been tracking with Campus America since the get-go? We love what God has done since our beginning in 2005 and look expectantly for His Kingdom to continue to spread as students seek Him in prayer. Here are some suggestions to keep the fire burning at your university.

  • Awkward silence? Maybe you’ve done a season of prayer or two and are asking yourself, “Where do we go from here?” Check out our resource pack to help you along. (Link coming soon!)
  • Fill in the blanks. Sign up for a season of prayer and see who else is running alongside you.
  • Stoke the flames. Sharing “God stories” from your campus is like adding fuel to the fire. Tell us what He’s been up to in your midst.


Since the beginning of the 24-7 Prayer movement, God has made it clear that He desires us to regularly come together. During the 2010 Year of Prayer, college students have been hopping in their vehicles and road tripping to nearby “hot-spots” to be a part of the bigger picture. State and regional gatherings are a powerful way to encourage one another and gain momentum as you pray on campus.

Do you have an event coming up? Tell us about it so we can help you spread the word! Also, keep an eye on our Gatherings page for upcoming 24-7 Prayer events.


Been praying for an extended season and still not satisfied? Want to see your state and region unified in prayer? We want to spur you on! Check out this short documentary of what the Lord did when a few students in Ohio responded to the call to pray. Contact us for more information on coordinating state-wide prayer!