“We have more friends in Asia than we know what to do with, but we’ll take more.”
The joyful confession of Wendy Andrews, forerunner of 24-7 Asia

This area is dedicated to the natural outworking of our 24-7 Prayer USA team into the nations. Currently, we have many friends on the ground and we’re building relationships all over East and Southeast Asia. We are journeying with these 24-7 Prayer USA friends as they steward friendships, catalyze prayer and simply do the work of the Kingdom in Asia.

Hong Kong

For the last several years, Wendy Andrews and many others have traveled to and from Hong Kong to resource and encourage 24-7 Prayer in that nation. Over the last two years, a small team has formed at the Kansas City Boiler Room. They hope to move to Hong Kong permanently at some point to serve 24-7 Prayer throughout Asia.
You can keep up with Wendy’s latest adventures and updates via her blog.
In September 2011, Katie Cornick was invited to move to Tokyo, Japan to partner with CRASH Japan. During her first few months there, she helped coordinate prayer among their relief efforts for victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck in March 2011. Katie also received a few short-term prayer teams from the U.S. during her time in Tokyo. Here is a video that CRASH Japan produced, sharing about 24-7 Prayer’s ministry in Japan.


In April 2012, Katie moved north to Iwaki, Japan to work alongside Global Mission Center. Katie will continue her work on behalf of 24-7 there and has plans to receive more short-term teams in the months to come. 

Follow along with her always-lively updates at her personal blog and read reports from the field at the official 24-7 Prayer Japan blog.


Below are just a handful of reports from the 24-7 teammates that have come alongside the remarkable work God is doing in Asia. To learn more, download this full report from Wendy on the happenings around Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

-A group from the Kansas City Boiler Room will minister to 15-20 youth pastors and leaders from across Hong Kong, in a growing relationship with this network of leaders and their English-speaking, mostly-Chinese youth.

-The KCBR team will also be teaching and training the young adult leaders of a network of simple churches in Hong Kong.

-There is significant interest in 24-7 prayer in HK – in schools, international churches, youth camps, and a few Chinese churches. For instance, a team ministered at a camp for 100 HK Chinese youth aged 14-18 in February 2012!

-One missionary community in Southwest China regularly prays 24-2 and 24-3 for the Tibetan peoples, whom many of the missionaries are serving.

-The first 24-7 Prayer Japan gathering was hosted with about a dozen young people in February 2012. Jon Petersen, Katie Cornick and Wendy Andrews joined them.

-The 24-7 Asia team is forming a partnership in Japan with Akira Mori and the Global Mission Center, in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture (25 miles from the nuclear reactor that melted down). Pastor Mori has the vision to rebuild a devastated village called Usuiso, both physically and spiritually.

-Some women from the KCBR took a storytelling journey to Japan in April 2012, telling the stories of some of the survivors through visual media and writing. We’re excited about the possibility of this piece bringing more awareness to and prayer for Japan.

-The Alpha Prayer Guide is currently being translated into Japanese, which will serve as a resource for about 250 churches throughout Japan that are running the Alpha Course. Please join us in prayer for everything involved in getting our 24-7 Prayer resources translated into Japanese, Chinese and other Asian languages — especially for contextualization, funds and translators.
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