24-7 Prayer USA exists to catalyze, connect and resource movements and communities of Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer. We are currently putting together a more extensive "toolbox" of resources. For now, enjoy these basics to jump start your prayer room.


Printable Sign Up Sheet
Web-Based Sign Ups (available when you register your prayer room)
60 Minute Prayer Guides
Describing an Hour in Prayer
How to Run a Prayer Room

If you are leading prayer, preparing to host a prayer room, or just want to learn about prayer, we recommend reading Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig and the 24-7 Prayer Manual by Pete Greig and David Blackwell.


Find more prayer resources on the 24-7 Prayer international site.


Below are recordings of the main sessions* from our 24-7 Prayer USA Mountain States Gathering, which was hosted in Longmont, Colorado from October 11-13, 2012. Special thanks to the crew at Vinelife Church for making these recordings available to us free of charge!

24-7 Prayer USA Mountain States Gathering - Main Session Teachings - October 11-13

Dr. Dick Eastman - The Gap, the Map and the Holy Hour - October 11, 2012

Gary Schmitz - Embracing a City Through Prayer - October 12, 2012
Pete Greig - Embracing the World Through Prayer - October 12, 2012
David Blackwell - Embracing the Kingdom by the Power of the Holy Spirit Through Prayer - October 13, 2012
Amanda Siebold - Embracing Suffering and Being an Advocate for Justice Through Prayer - October 13, 2012

*Regrettably, a recording of the session where Wendy Andrews spoke (October 12) is not available due to a technical difficulty. Also, the final session on the evening of October 13 was not recorded because it was primarly a time of worship led by Dave Powers and Jason Roberson and prayer led by Pete Greig.


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