“All 24-7 communities have a particular passion to reach out to people who are poor and oppressed. This is outworked in many ways locally and networked together by our Just 24-7 service which supports good practice in action for the poor.” -From the 2020 Vision Document

We are taking the issue of justice seriously and have included Justice initiative as part of our 24-7 Prayer USA national leadership team. At the same time, we understand the outworking of our value for social justice will be an ongoing process that will take time and much trial and error, conversation and prayer. We also desrie to honor the many heroes of the faith that are already living out this value in many ways throughout the global 24-7 Prayer movement.

We will work to inspire, educate and equip the body of Christ, and specifically Boiler Room communities, to gain a deeper understanding of how we are meant to live as disciples of Jesus in relation to those among us who are oppressed by poverty and injustice. We seek to accomplish this through prayer, teaching, practical experience, support in best practices and building partnerships with outside agencies.

Amanda Siebold oversees this aspect of our ministry as a leader in the 24-7 Prayer USA National Resource Center. Amanda has been working to develop vision and best practices for the movement’s engagement with social justice issues. As we develop this ministry via 24-7 Prayer USA, you’ll see more details popping up here on our website.

2012 Internship Opportunities: BigBigHouse

Our friends Brian and Paula Doty are hosting a justice-focused internship this fall in  Madison, Wisconsin. Below is their description of the heart of the internship and how to apply.

We're about safe places...in the darkest places...out of the place of prayer.

Our calling is to establish and invest in houses of prayer in the darkest cities, especially in Asia, where sex trafficking runs rampant. From that core, we're expecting places of refuge and holistic restoration for trafficking victims to be birthed.

At the center of who we are, you'll discover family community, linking the generations of 20-somethings with Boomers and beyond. We're completely convinced God brings healing through families, and that generational transfer isn't small talk in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

If your heart burns for justice and you're ready to cry out for it night and day...if you want to grow in healthy family community...if you're hungry to really know the God who loves the oppressed and then do what you see Him doing...we may have something for you in our nine-month internship in Madison, WI starting in September 2012.


Our house and home will be the venue for this Stateside internship. We're inviting four to six 20-somethings who are interested in pursuing God and justice to join us.

We’ll be focused first on intimacy with Jesus and healing before we venture out to confront the injustice of trafficking in Madison, WI and Dane County. Rhythms of prayer and celebration (living life joyfully!) will be our main constants, interspersed with rhythms of training and mission.


Full Application Deadline: 07 Aug 2012
Internship Phase 1:  07 Sep 2012
Christmas Break: 14 Dec 2012
Internship Phase 2: 28 Dec 2012
Asia Survey Trip: 07 Feb 2013 (6 Weeks)
Internship End: 21 May 2013


USD 650 / month for a shared room, breakfast and supper, utilities and wifi Internet connection. Covers basic personal stipend and local travel. Health insurance and international travel are not covered.

This will be the first of what we hope will become many bigbighouse internships. We think you'll walk away with a new passion and love for God because of His passion and love for you. You're going to gain a quiet confidence in your identity in Him and a hard-hitting, practical awareness and hands-on involvement in the battle against sex trafficking.

Some of you will sense God's call to go with us to Asia in 2013 or beyond. We'll be doing a Phase 2 International Internship, working together over the longer term to birth houses of prayer and refuge in partnership with others of like mind and heart already working there.

Check us out online, Facebook or Twitter. If you're interested, fill out our Survey Monkey with your basic information. You can also text Brian at 608.520.7535.
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