Discover Your Place in God’s Story

“The God Story is one of the most transformational teaching tools I have ever encountered” Pete Greig (Founder of 24-7 Prayer / Alpha International)

It wouldn’t be going too far to say that The God Story is the most exciting and important teaching resource that 24-7 Prayer has ever released. Not because Adam Cox is a world-class Bible teacher (although he is!) but because, over five sessions, it will give you a solid foundation in the divine word of God and help you discover his over-arching story throughout history.

The God Story is an incredible resource for anyone looking to get more established in the word of God. It will lead you through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation – starting with Creation you will journey through 9 hours of storytelling looking at the history of God’s people, the patriarchs, the arrival of Jesus onto the scene and ending in his church in the world today and looking forward to the coming return of the King.

The God Story is available through the Kansas City Boiler Room, the 24-7 Community that Adam Cox pastors, and you can download from their website as both an audio or video download. We have put together a little taster to give you an insight into what God Story looks like.

Here are what some of our friends had to say about The God Story:

  • “The God Story is one of the most transformational teaching tools I’ve ever encountered. It immerses participants in truth, familiarising them with the Bible and giving them the vision to live out the story of God today. Adam Cox is one of the most gifted Bible teachers of his generation and has developed this course for many years and in different cultures and counties. I commend it to you wholeheartedly” Pete Greig (Founder of 24-7 Prayer / Alpha International / Emmaus Road Church)
  • “The first time I heard the God Story, I was riveted to the core. Every time I have heard it since God’s love wrecks my heart. The God Story has had a profound effect on the fabric of our community and every student who has been a part of our school. The God Story is something I wish I could get into the hands and hearts of everyone in our generation.” Jonathan David Helser (International Worship Leader)
  • “Every human story in life is deeply connected to God’s story. His story is one of great drama, of broken covenants and unfulfilled promises, but mercy and redemption as well. Adam Cox retells the ‘great story’ in a way that makes God’s story come alive. It’s no longer sterile doctrine but intriguing drama one episode after another…and you are in the story!” Floyd McClung (Author / Church Planter / All Nations)

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