We have a short and wonderful history as a family of communities. We owe so much to Andy Freeman and his team for pioneering the first expressions of new communities and bringing us to this point, healthy and poised for more growth and blessing. The emphasis of our Celtic monastic inheritance, the writing of Punk Monk, pastoring so many hearts and keeping us unified are only some of the legacy Andy passed on to us. All of these contributions stay with us as we find our way ahead, woven into the tapestry of our life together. (Thank you, Andy.)

We also have a quality of relationships in a family of friends across the nation. Through a five-year season of pilgrimage to one another and hosting gatherings, we have created a network of established communities. Some of these have the potential to become hubs for resourcing and multiplying new communities that bring fresh Kingdom initiatives into their local spheres of influence.

We are being encouraged by an invitation from the Holy Spirit, to clarify and confirm an apostolic team to serve the growth and development of leaders and establish foundations for healthy spiritual family.

We’re now at a stage of our growth where we need a new culture as we become a network of local fellowships, missional communities and prayer houses.

The Boiler Room Network

These represent various communities in our orbit at present. The categories define the relational journey we are on as some move from first interest to functioning, discipling and multiplying communities.

Boiler Room Communities – Communities established in vision, leadership and sustainability, looking to the apostolic leadership team and the Boiler Room Network as their primary place of connection as spiritual family. A commissioning process is an important part of confirming our relationship as healthy foundations are set in place.

Exploratory Communities - Communities in process of courting a relationship with us to determine whether we are a good fit for one another and discerning what a commitment to the Boiler Room Network would require.

Affiliated Communities – Communities who identify with the principles and ethos of the Boiler Room Family but are accountable to another primary leadership structure. (Salvation Army, Vineyard, etc.)

Resource Centers - We believe that God will give significant growth to our established communities, which will enable them to begin raising up and sending leaders, resourcing new initiatives, and multiplying new communities.

Current Boiler Room Communities
Kansas City Boiler Room – Kansas City, MO
Stockbridge Boiler Room – Grand Rapids, MI
Tulsa Boiler Room – Tulsa, OK
Source Boiler Room - Minneapolis, MN

Current Exploratory Communities
Brew City Church – Milwaukee, WI

Current Affiliated Communities
Believers Church - Tulsa, OK

What Unifies Us?

Ultimately we are unified by the person of Jesus, His love and work on our behalf and the particular calling he has given us as 24-7 Prayer – unique but never superior to others in the Father’s Family. Our relationship with God, one another and His world drive us more than a task or an organizational structure.

A Family of Friends

If we consider the shared delight between the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit, we find mutual love and endeared friendship as our inherent relational nature. We have embraced this as our way of understanding the Kingdom and the Church, as we in 24-7 adopt one another as family, valuing the quality of friendship as the culture of our life together.

A Quality of Life

Our communities are committed to being places of rhythm, rest and sabbath, as well as engagement with our neighbors and enjoyment of our world. We value a quality of life and want to walk with one another in ways that nurture our inner lives as well as empower the dreams of our heart that hopefully become our life work.

The Father, Son and Spirit have shared the wealth of their relationship with us. It is an invitation to a way of life, of participation. But the Trinity is also a mystery and teaches us the place of wonder and discovery out of an endless curiosity to explore the depth and dimension of the Nature and Character of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

The Trinity, Family, Friendship, Praying, Dreaming, Quality Living, Meaningful Life Work, these are our hopeful expectations of how we might share our lives together. If we, together, magnify our love for Jesus, perhaps we will create communities that are confident enough to adopt and include others into our shared life in Christ. Love God, Love One Another, Love Our Neighbors...this is our simple way forward.

A few comments about the relationship between simple church, missional communities, and congregational fellowships:

Our growing conviction is that ‘simple church’ (2 or 3 gathered in the name of Jesus) is a brilliant place to start but a terrible place to stay. It’s like a human body which begins with two single cells uniting but immediately begins multiplying and moves from fetal to adult through a process of ever greater complexity. Thus Matthew 18 (‘2 or 3 gathered in the name of Jesus’) becomes Ephesians 4 and 1 Corinthians 12, where the graces and gifts of apostles, prophets , evangelists, pastors, teachers, with the fit function of the members of the Body grow up into Christ resulting in maturity.

We like ‘simple’ and relatively small (12-30-50 people) gatherings acting as an extended family household, but see them over time maturing, and graduating to the complicated processes of numerical growth and reproduction.

Communities that stay small for too long can end up like Bonsai trees. Lacking the depth, the diversity and the economy to really enjoy life, they can’t raise mature disciples, can’t develop spiritual children and can’t embrace more than a mono-culture, and they rarely start new initiatives.

Connecting with the 24-7 Prayer Family of Friends

As we hear stories and get acquainted and begin to dream together, it only follows that we should meet each other in person. There can be many different ways to connect.

24-7 National or International Gatherings are great places to meet new people, pray and worship together and get to know each other a bit. It is a great place to connect with the variety of people gathered, which can be a great encouragement for vision and new ideas. People come to share stories, meals and laughter with old and new friends.

A more intimate way to share and tell would be an onsite visit. Come visit a boiler room, see how the 3 loves (Love God, One another and the World), and and 6 practices (Creativity, Hospitality, Mission, Prayer, Learning, and Justice) are being lived and expressed. To be welcomed into a community where you will meet quality people that are sacrificially living the values of God’s Kingdom is the pleasure of pilgrimage. You will also get to observe the unique grace of that community by being in their context. The modern road trip is the ancient Jesus journey to be with and go see his friends. Get in the car, take the train, fly, do what you need to do to get connected.

Also, we’d love to come and visit you and your community. This is a great chance to chat, worship and pray together, to get a feel for what is happening in your location and among your community. Then we can know better how to encourage you in your development.

New Communities: From Inquiry to Ongoing Encouragement

Let's say you and your band of friends are praying together, maybe have had weeks of prayer, maybe read Red Moon Rising or Punk Monk. You start asking, “What’s next?” “How do we connect with 24-7 Prayer as a new community?” “We want to start a boiler room.”

Well, here's the natural progression.

1. Send an email inquiry to joseph.steinke@24-7prayer.us

2. Joe Steinke, our national communities leader or a member of his team will reply with front end questions to discern your level of interest, your needs, and the season of your community’s growth. The email gets copied to the USA Communities Team, who are the good hearted leaders of the Boiler Room Network.

3. Then a phone or Skype video conversation with Joe Steinke begins the courtship of a relationship. In the conversation with Joe, you'll share your story and progression of what the Spirit is inspiring among your friends.

4. The conversation will draw out the question, “What are your hopeful ideas for what’s next?”

5. Connecting with us could be the next natural step.  We offer a few different venues such as coming to a regional or international gathering, visiting an established boiler room, or having a small team from a boiler room visit your community.

7. During this process, you, the community leaders, will be in ongoing and regularly scheduled communication with us to receive encouragement as we explore how to welcome you into the 24-7  family.

8. If your leadership team emerges with some strong affections for us and want to deepen the relationship, we will send an apostolic team to you or have you hey come to us, confirm in person our mutual love and adoption, and help set foundations for healthy spiritual family and in-season leadership development.
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