The 24-7 Prayer Movement

24-7 Prayer USA is part of an “accidental” international prayer movement that began in September 1999, when a bunch of young people in England got the crazy idea of trying to pray non-stop for a month. Learn more about the 24-7 Prayer movement via the international website. The book Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig also chronicles the beginning and early stories of the 24-7 Prayer movement.

(Be forewarned that many have radically altered their understanding of prayer after reading Red Moon Rising. We just want you to know that before you read the book.)

Today 24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational Christian movement praying and working for reconciliation at three levels:

•    Spiritually – where there is broken relationship with God
•    Socially – where there is broken relationship between people
•    Environmentally – where there is broken relationship with our world

24-7 Prayer USA

Who are we and why are we here?

The 24-7 Prayer USA National Resource Center is located in Kansas City, Missouri, which is home to our national leadership team. We are here to catalyze, connect and resource movements and communities of Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer. 

Vision (what we want to see)

•    A spiritual family of prayer and mission communities forming and transforming the world around them.
•    Sacred spaces established for prayer in churches, on college campuses and in every sphere of society.
•    Prayer mobilizing the Church into mission, mercy and the marketplace.
•    Movements of prayer developing within denominations, networks, regions, cities and campuses.

Ministry (what we do)

•    We serve the Church as a catalyst to spark movements and communities of Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer.
•    We network with people in like-minded movements and communities to encourage and equip each other for prayer, mission 
     and justice.
•    We provide resources on 24-7 Prayer and the building of praying communities.
•    We gather and train emerging leaders to be catalysts for 24-7 Prayer, mission and justice.

Values (what defines us)

We are committed to these values. They are strongly held globally at all leadership levels.  They are what attract people to the movement and hold the movement together. 

1. Obedient to the Holy Spirit – Like Jesus, we only seek to do what we see the Father doing. We acknowledge His right to break our rules and offend our sensibilities. (Psalm 127:1, John 5:19, John 3:8)

2. Relational – We are a community of friends with shared vision and values, driven by friendship rather than function. (John 15:14-15, Luke 10:1-22, 1 Peter 4:7-11, 1 John 4:7-12)

3. Indigenous – We respect, value and honor cultural diversity. (Daniel 1, 1Corinthians 9:20-21, Revelation 7:9-10)

4. Inclusive – We work with anyone, provided they share our vision and values, regardless of race, age, gender or church background. We build unity and enjoy diversity. (Colossians 3:11, Ephesians 4:3-6)

5. Like Jesus – We seek to be like Jesus in the way we do what we do. For us, the means do not necessarily justify the ends.

6. Deeply rooted – We are committed to growth in maturity rather than size. (Psalm 1:1-3)

7. Creative and innovative – We embrace God-inspired creativity as integral to authentic expressions of prayer. (Genesis 1:1-2, Exodus 35:30-35, Psalm 45:1, Proverbs 8:22-31)

8. Just – We will pursue justice and freedom from oppression for humanity and the created world. (Isaiah 58, Isaiah 61, Luke 4:18-19, Romans 8:19-21)

9. Good Stewards – We take responsibility for ourselves, those around us and the things that God has entrusted to us. (Matthew 25:14-30, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15)

10. Sacrificial – We believe that a lifestyle of prayer is costly at every level. (Romans 12:1-2, 2 Corinthians 8:1-5, 1 John 3:16-18)

11. Celebratory – We believe that Jesus came to bring life to the full and that we have a Christian duty to celebrate all that is good. Fun and laughter are central to 24-7 and we do not need to justify these. (Genesis 1:31, Psalm 24:1, Matthew 11:19, John 10:10)

12. Raw and simple – We are a network of like-minded people. In character we are wild and unpolished, passionate about developing people rather than our own profile. (Psalm 116:6, Luke 10:3-5, John 3:8)

Action (becoming what we want to see)

We are a national office but our team members are also an active part of a local church—the Kansas City Boiler Room. As the staff of a national office and as members of the KCBR, we believe God has called us to become what we are believing for across the nation—sustainable communities of prayer inspiring prayer everywhere.

For us, 24-7 Prayer is about more than a one-time prayer event but something expressed through a family rooted and growing in the value of prayer. It’s about being a people rooted in a culture of prayer. 

Our desire is to live this out at the individual level (a passionate life of prayer), as families (families experiencing God together), as friends (people joined together and intentionally carrying one another in prayer) and at the corporate level (community prayer weeks, worship nights etc. If you come to visit us in Kansas City, we want you to see living examples of what we are calling others to become.
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