Campus Pennsylvania: Revive Us Again

by Rachel Wegner
Amidst the storm-battered campus of Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, three people gathered in the first-ever prayer tent on campus on the night of September 4. The prayer tent was in its final few hours as they prayed fervently for their campus.

“For about an hour and half we had humbled ourselves in submissive and pleading prayer for God to stir the hearts of the lost and broken on our campus and prayed for His fire to fall down upon us,” Campus Catalyst and senior Jeremi Ronaldo said.

After the fierce, yet brief, storm lifted, they were beckoned outside by a friend around 7 p.m. Spanning across the campus was a double rainbow, which they felt was God reminding them of His promises for their university and their city.

“We knew God had heard our cries,” Jeremi said, sharing how the moment filled them with awe and hope.

The prayer tent, which lasted 24 hours from September 3-4, gathered students and locals alike to pray. At times there were several people inside the tent at once, and the quieter hours saw one or two praying at a time. As the 24 hours progressed, students gathered around the tent with chairs, blankets and sleeping bags and spent time in worship, fellowship and prayer. Many passersby also stopped to ask about the tent, which led to conversations about the love of God.

“I felt God was drawing anyone who walked across our path,” Jeremi said. “They couldn’t deny what was going on. They had to ask.”

The prayer tent also drew the attention of the local newspaper, which featured a photo of students praying. Inspired by the success of their first prayer tent, the students at Bloomsburg are hosting another 24 hours of prayer from September 17-18.

In the short video below, several students share what they heard God speak to them while they prayed and what they think it could look like if God answered all their prayers for their campus.

Bloomsburg University: Revive Us Again from Campus America on Vimeo

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